Transform Your Body…Naturally!
An 8-CD Audio Program & Workbook
by Mark Stengler, ND

In this dynamic and empowering audio program, Dr. Stengler outlines his proven system for weight loss, vitality and overall wellness based on the healing practices of homeopathy, herbs, supplements, natural hormones, exercise and more.

Considered by many to be the future of American healthcare, homeopathy is currently in regular use by doctors around the world. While natural medicine is becoming increasingly popular in America, few doctors have the training and experience that Dr. Stengler does with homeopathy and other forms of natural medicine. In this comprehensive program, Dr. Stengler reveals:

  • The six principles of holistic wellness
  • Diet and nutrition: foundations of great health
  • The top 22 proven herbal remedies
  • Homeopathy: understanding today’s energy medicine
  • The top 28 nutritional supplements
  • The essentials of exercise for longevity
  • The 8 super foods you must have in your diet
  • The importance of healthy relationships for good health
  • Banishing fat more effectively and how to combat weight gain
  • The major pitfalls of pharmaceutical drugs
  • Natural prostate preservers
  • Natural ways to clear your arteries
  • Nature’s top cancer fighters
  • Hormone balancing tips for men and women… and so much more!

There has never been a better time to learn from a program like this. Americans have a shorter life expectancy than people in 41 other countries. Holistic therapies, combined with diet and exercise, have been proven to fight weight gain and deadly diseases. What’s more, these nutritional and holistic therapies are a tiny fraction of the cost of conventional healthcare. Plus, holistic therapies are generally safe for everyone and have no side effects when used properly.

Dr. Stengler urges you to take control of your own healthcare – your life and time are too important to waste! So get ready to use the advice in this program to transform YOUR body… naturally!

Program Review:

Dr. Mark Stengler’s “Transform Your Body Naturally” is the most comprehensive, informative natural health cure/homeopathic material I’ve seen on personal health, wellness and natural solutions by herbal and natural remedies. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in treating the pathology or root cause symptoms and problems for their core cure and ultimate resolution for long term prevention, better health maintenance and lifestyle enhancement.

~A.S. Muhammad – Fresno, CA

All 8 CDs (8 hours) and companion workbook just $99.95.

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