Food Sensitivity and Food Allergy

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person.

I have struggled with digestive problems, as well as food and environmental allergies for many years. From the first time I met Dr. Stengler, it was obvious he had an incredible knowledge of naturopathic medicine, as well as a genuine… [Read More]

Steven G.

In most of my adult life, I suffered from allergy and tiredness, among other things. In 2007, I had three bad colds with bronchitis. My doctor diagnosed me with asthma. That’s when I came to Dr. Stengler who then diagnosed… [Read More]

When I brought my daughter, Catie to Dr. Stengler, she was suffering from severe asthma, sleep disturbances, constant severe congestion, enuresis and digestive problems. Her pediatrician wanted to put her on a breathing machine at night and had prescribed multiple… [Read More]

Mary M.

What We Offer

Dr. Stengler uses food sensitivity and food allergy tests that measure food and chemical sensitivity/intolerances. One such food sensitivity and food allergy test is the ALCAT. ALCAT company describes this test: “The ALCAT Test differs from other food allergy or intolerance tests as it accurately and objectively measures leukocyte cellular reactivity in whole blood, which is a final common pathway of all mechanisms. The test utilizes electronic, state of the art, hematological instrumentation. Standard allergy tests, such as skin testing or RAST are not accurate for delayed type reactions to foods and chemicals. They measure only a single mechanism, such as the effect of mast cell release of histamine or the presence of allergen specific IgE molecules. Delayed reactions to foods and chemicals are NOT IgE mediated.

The ALCAT Test also differs from standard IgG tests in that they rely exclusively on one immune pathway, serum levels of immunoglobulin G (IgG). In fact, high food specific IgG titers are indicative only of exposure, not necessarily intolerance. The ALCAT Test reproducibly measures the final common pathway of all pathogenic mechanism; whether immune, non-immune, or toxic. It is the only test shown to correlate with clinical symptoms by double blind oral challenges, the gold standard.”

Also, computerized testing is available that measures hundreds of food and environmental sensitivity testing. No pain is involved. This test is not used to diagnose or treat disease or replace conventional allergy testing.