Cindy A. – Dubai, UAE
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My daughter, Zaina started having recurrent ear infections at age 3, and was repeatedly treated with antibiotics and antihistamines, but the fluid behind her ears never cleared up except for a few weeks. She was continually stuffed-up also and very… [Read More]

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Understanding Allergies Allergies are a very common health problem in North America. Approximately one out of five people in the United States are affected by hayfever. With this condition one reacts to substances in the environment such as grass or… [Read More]

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Gluten Allergy and Sensitivity Testing
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Gluten Allergy and Sensitivity Testing or Gluten sensitivity (GS) is a very common condition that affects the health of millions of Americans. While it is slowly being recognized by conventional medicine, holistic doctors have been helping people with a variety… [Read More]

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