Catherine B.

VIDEO: Catherine B. from San Diego describes the benefits of Dr. Stengler’s natural hormone therapy over previously prescribed treatments.


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Pam S.

VIDEO: Pam S. from Escondido describes how Dr. Stengler helped her get off blood pressure and cholesterol medication – and got a whole lot more…

High Blood Pressure

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Calva L.

VIDEO: Calva L. from San Diego describes the positive effects of treatments for her fatigue.


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Pamela S.

I was so grateful to have Dr. Stengler as part of my medical team. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. My treatment was chemo and radiation. And with Dr. Stengler’s recommendation of supplements and vitamin C IV’s it… [Read More]

Breast Cancer

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Stephanie M.

VIDEO: A patient San Diego reached out to Dr. Stengler suspecting Zika virus. Ozone treatment began right away. Testing revealed that Zika was the cause, but thanks to Dr. Stengler’s treatments, symptoms disappeared within a week.


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Tracy U.

VIDEO: A patient describes the improvements to her life from working with Dr. Stengler – a big part of which was switching to a gluten-free diet.

Food Allergies

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Tracy C.

VIDEO: a patient suffering from mercury toxicity describes her path back to natural health with Dr. Mark Stengler’s help.

Chelation Therapy

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Iliana S.

VIDEO: A Stengler Center patient describes improvements to her overall health after undergoing bioidentical hormone therapy with Dr. Mark Stengler.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

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Debra L.

VIDEO: A patient describes feeling better after working with Dr. Mark Stengler to treat fatigue naturally.


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Sylvia S.

As a registered nurse I have easy access to help and treatments from medical professionals who are highly regarded practitioners of Western medicine. However, I consider Dr. Stengler to be my primary care provider, and I always discuss my health… [Read More]

General Health

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Lisa M.

I had gone to many doctors and specialists to get help with my skin condition. I was handed prescriptions that didn’t work, was told I was scratching for attention, and had people shrug their shoulders, saying “I don’t know what… [Read More]

Weight Loss

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Aubrey Huff, Former Pro Baseball Player

After 13 years of wear, tear, and a lifetime on the road as a major league baseball player I felt my body breaking down physically and mentally. I went to countless Doctors here in the San Diego area without any… [Read More]


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