Each program is individualized and results vary person to person.

“In October of 2013 I was diagnosed with CIN3, also called cervical dysplasia and Carcinoma In Silu, which is caused by an HPV infection in the cervix. I had been to two doctors and an oncologist who all insisted that I should have surgery immediately to remove the high level pre-cancerous cells before they became invasive cancer. I did not want to have surgery, so I started researching immediately and saw that other women had been able to reverse this serious condition through holistic treatment and hormone balancing. I found Dr. Stengler and scheduled an appointment.

Dr. Stengler ran blood tests to see what I was deficient in and had me do the saliva home test to determine my hormone levels. He put me on an aggressive program specifically to target CIN3, which included bi-weekly IV treatments, numerous supplements, and a nightly progesterone cream. I followed his advice and also began drinking green juice daily, and he also suggested that I cut out all sugar and alcohol. I followed the program religiously and went for another Pap test 8 weeks later. I was hoping that the CIN level would at least have gone down a bit, but to the shock of the doctors and oncologist,  there was no trace of cervical dysplasia OR the HPV infection! The doctor asked to monitor me every three months for a year and I was so happy at the results I decided to continue on a modified version of the program, especially because cervical dysplasia does ten to return in patients who have the HPV infection if they go back to their old dietary habits.

I really loved my bi-weekly visits to the Stengler Center. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and positive, and the informative videos from Dr. Stengler’s TV show on PBS that are playing in the rooms were very helpful and uplifting as well. If I had not found the Stengler Center, I would have had half of my cervix removed and had to take a leave of absence from work…all unnecessary, but the regular doctors don’t want to admit that or even look into it. Thank God for Dr. Stengler’s leadership in this area of alternative and holistic healing. I am so thrilled with the results and so grateful to Dr. Stengler!!!”

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