Each program is individualized and results vary person to person.

I was having menstrual difficulties and thanks to Dr. Stengler, I didn’t have to undergo what seemed to be a horrible procedure—hydrothermal abalation—the burning of the uterine lining with hot water. I started having heavy periods with clots about four years ago. Since then, they have gotten worse to the point I could not go to work or even leave the house. Dr. Stengler had my hormones tested and discovered my hormone imbalance. After just four months on progesterone, my periods are back to normal. I’ve done much research on heavy period and many people are having hysterectomies to resolve it. Someone needs to help women from undergoing unnecessary procedures. It was such a simple fix! Thanks, Dr. Stengler!

GlyceMx Plus
Slimaluma Green Tea Synergy
Whey Acai Protein