Each program is individualized and results vary person to person.

From Dr. Stengler’s article “Mistletoe Extract – Cancer Breakthrough”: “Mistletoe extract is most often used in conjunction with standard cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and/or radiation. It has been found to increase the effectiveness of, and reduce the side effects from, conventional therapies and to improve patients’ immunity and quality of life, including vitality, sleep and appetite. I regularly prescribe mistletoe extract to my patients—to help those with cancer battle the disease and as a postcancer treatment.”

Dr. Stengler has been a huge help to me. I saw him after I had cancer and his insight and guidance was invaluable. His knowledge and God-given wisdom have worked to improve my health. Following his advice has allowed me to train to run my first marathon next week.

GlyceMx Plus
Slimaluma Green Tea Synergy
Whey Acai Protein