Each program is individualized and results vary person to person.

When I brought my daughter, Catie to Dr. Stengler, she was suffering from severe asthma, sleep disturbances, constant severe congestion, enuresis and digestive problems. Her pediatrician wanted to put her on a breathing machine at night and had prescribed multiple steroids. They could find no cause for her illness. After having Catie tested for food and environmental sensitivities, and using homeopathy to desensitize her to many things, the asthma disappeared. The other problems all followed suit, one after another. We discovered she had a severe allergy to wheat and put her on a WFGF diet. Now, a year later, Catie glows. Her constitution is very strong, the allergies (all but wheat) are gone, and she is a vibrant child. She can, for the first time in her six years of life, breathe through her nose and smell food. I am indebted to Dr. Stengler and Andrea Kiesel for their outstanding treatment of Catie and for giving her back her childhood.

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