Each program is individualized and results vary person to person.

In the Bible, the book of Genesis tells us the story of creation, and God makes an interesting statement in Genesis 2:16: “And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat”. This tells us that everything that man would ever need was already here, and all we would need would be someone to guide us to the appropriate ones that would heal us of any problem we might encounter. Such a man is Mark Stengler, N.D., and in his book, The Natural Physician’s Healing Therapies, Dr. Mark reveals to us which ones would produce natural cures for the illnesses that would befall man.

Late April 2005, I was diagnosed with type 2, insulin-resistant diabetes. My fasting glucose was 220 and my A1c was 9.8! Not wanting to take prescription drugs with their dangerous side effects, I immediately consulted Dr. Mark’s book mentioned above. I got a glucose meter and began charting my readings. I changed my eating habits and in five days was able to show my local doctor that I would be able to get my diabetes under control without medication! In the meantime, I got Dr. Balch’s new book, co-authored by Dr. Stengler, Prescription for Natural Cures and started learning what I needed to take. After showing this to my local doctor, I accepted that doctor’s challenge to try this for three weeks and bring back more spreadsheet data.

By the end of the three week challenge, my fasting glucose reading was in the low to mid-130 ranges! It was obvious that with God’s help, I could do this without medication. I continued consulting the two books and experimenting. I got my second blood test last week, and today, September 20, 2005, my local doctor went over the report with me. My fasting glucose was 126 and my A1c is 7.1… pretty good for three to four months! I continue to research and know I will continue to get my metabolism back in balance. I owe it all first to God, then Doctors Balch and Stengler and their books.

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