Each program is individualized and results vary person to person.

I have struggled with digestive problems, as well as food and environmental allergies for many years. From the first time I met Dr. Stengler, it was obvious he had an incredible knowledge of naturopathic medicine, as well as a genuine concern for people. Although I had visited many doctors during the past few years and learned a great deal about my condition, I had not been able to achieve satisfactory relief. Dr. Stengler has helped identify my allergens, and started me on a program of allergy drops, which is already having a very positive effect. In addition, he has fine-tuned my diet and supplement program, which has been a tremendous help. Whereas many allopathic doctors tend to treat symptoms, Dr. Stengler is genuinely concerned with getting to, and eliminating, the root cause of your problems. Although it is a 200-mile round trip from my home in Diamond Bar to Dr. Stengler’s office in Encinitas, it is worth every minute of my time to visit a doctor who truly understands and can help resolve my health concerns.

GlyceMx Plus
Slimaluma Green Tea Synergy
Whey Acai Protein