Each program is individualized and results vary person to person.

In 2006, I noticed that I was having more and more problems with digestive issues. I spent so much money and time trying to be diagnosed by traditional doctors. I remember taking a list of symptoms to my doctor, only to be told that he didn’t have time to deal with them all and to “pick one” from the list. That was the last time I saw that doctor. After seeing numerous other doctors and going through as many tests (and spending a lot of money), I gave up and assumed that I would just have to live with these problems.

Then in the beginning of 2007, I developed further medical problems: severe arthritis, lack of energy, headaches, and blisters forming for no apparent reason. I thought I was destined to be in a wheelchair by the end of the year! Again I sought help from traditional doctors with similar results. Only this time, it was suggested that I take medications that I knew would eventually be harmful to me and start me on that road to taking more and more medications to counteract the side effects of the medicines that were supposed to help me.

Finally, I decided to try natural remedies and sought out Dr. Mark Stengler at Encinitas Whole Health. Dr. Stengler took the time to listen to ALL of my concerns and by doing so was able to deduce that I could have Gluten sensitivity. The tests were ordered and were conclusive. He then gave me a list of natural supplements I could take to counteract the damage that occurred by ingesting wheat, rye and barley products. He also counseled me on products to avoid and helpful websites I could visit to further understand my condition.

I am now almost back to my normal, healthy self with no unhealthy side effects! I have been telling almost everyone I meet about Dr. Stengler and my amazing results. I truly believe that this is the right way to deal with all health issues. He understands the benefits of natural healing as well as traditional medical practice.

GlyceMx Plus
Slimaluma Green Tea Synergy
Whey Acai Protein