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Treating Sleep Apnea Naturally with Myofascial Therapy

Treating Sleep Apnea Naturally with Myofascial Therapy

Certainly, everyone enjoys a good night of sleep.  In fact, I have found that the greatest change in personality comes from sleep deprivation. Sadly, for many people, this can to often go relatively unnoticed in the case of Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea is defined as temporary cessation of breathing, especially during sleep.  Typically it is seen in individuals that are posturally compromised carrying their head forward to their torso.  This effectively restricts ones trachea especially when in a lying position.

Contributing factors to Sleep Apnea is chronic sinusitis and/or chronic upper back and neck pain.  With chronic sinusitis you have reduced aeration whereas with chronic back and neck pain the airway itself is restricted.  Classic therapies are breathing machines such as CPAP or a dental device to open up the upper airway.  Although both are very helpful in improving quality of sleep they also are only treating the symptoms, but not the cause.

Myofascial and Cranial-Sacral therapy strive to treat the cause of Sleep Apnea by recovering the proper postural alignment of the head over ones torso.  Any improvement of alignment allows for improved aeration along with reduction of other symptoms such as sinus drainage, neck pain, tinnitus, balance, dizziness, or TMJ if present.  As an Osteopathic Physician I have found chronic musculoskeletal problems are best addressed by focusing more on the tight muscles rather than the bones that are being pulled out of alignment.

Signs that you might have Sleep Apnea are mouth breathing, snoring, stopping or gasping for breath while sleeping, fatigue, weight gain, and waking up unrefreshed.   We now have a take-home test kit that can evaluate your quality of sleep.   If you test positive or just interested in an improved night of sleep consider doing a trial of 6 weekly Myofascial therapy treatments.  Additionally, I can refer you to a Biological Dentist who can fit you for a customized dental night guard.   

Make an appointment and find out what specific program may be best suited for you.

Dr. Mark LaBeau is an experienced Osteopathic Doctor who has been in practice for 25 years. Dr. LaBeau’s focus continues to be on Integrative Medicine. He’s committed to treating his patients as partners in their own health care as he uses the best proven therapies from conventional, alternative and traditional medicine to keep them well.

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