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Each program is individualized and results vary person to person.

As a registered nurse I have easy access to help and treatments from medical professionals who are highly regarded practitioners of Western medicine. However, I consider Dr. Stengler to be my primary care provider, and I always discuss my health with him. Dr. Stengler knows…

Slyvia S.
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I had gone to many doctors and specialists to get help with my skin condition. I was handed prescriptions that didn’t work, was told I was scratching for attention, and had people shrug their shoulders, saying “I don’t know what to tell you.” Dr. Stengler…

After 13 years of wear, tear, and a lifetime on the road as a major league baseball player I felt my body breaking down physically and mentally. I went to countless Doctors here in the San Diego area without any results. I found Dr. Stengler…

Aubrey Huff
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Dr. Stengler was and is to me a miracle who saved me from diverticulitis surgery. I suffered from that disease for years, was treated with antibiotics to feel better for a week and back came the awful pain. Due to scheduling issues my surgery was…

Mercedes G.
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I was experiencing bouts of fatigue that lasted from a day or two, up to weeks at a time. I went to a number of doctors who – after doing lots of tests – told me there was nothing wrong with me. But still, I…

Edward C
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I came to Dr. Stengler because modern medicine severely damaged my health without regard. I was casually prescribed overly powerful antibiotics by a dentist, which destroyed the flora of my gut. Shortly thereafter, I developed a case of invasive candida and an array of food…

Nathanael M
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I began to see Dr Stengler years ago when his office was located in LaJolla…I am an RN and must say that I was tired of traditional medicine and the treatment that I was receiving…it was a matter of not being listened to and just…

Roseanne S
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I’ve struggle with fatigue and hormone issues for a few years and my girlfriend referred me to Dr. Stengler. I can never repay her enough. Dr Stengler has cured my fatigue using IV’s of miracle pick me ups that i received initially 2 times a…

I have known Dr. Stengler for almost 10 years. One of the things that impresses me most is his humble demeanor and honesty. He is a relentless researcher who never stops learning so he can provide the best alternative care to his patients, without the…

Linda Van K
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