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Alicia D.

Alicia D.

I have been so happy with my experience with Dr. Stengler! I feel like I had a complete tune-up of my body. I originally came to him with skeptical and frustrated with the medical community after two years of trying to figure out why I was having digestive issues. On my first visit I let him know about thyroid and chronic indigestion concerns. I was amazed with the difference in care by him (even compared to other alternative medical professionals). I wish I had found him sooner in my search for health. My thyroid levels are back to normal and my indigestion and digestion are also normal. I had spent thousands of dollars over the previous couple years before finding Dr. Stengler, trying to normalize my health and had been to acupuncturists, homeopaths, nutritionists, and multiple doctors with no lasting difference in health. I went to Dr. Stengler deflated and with low hops and I had found him first. I am so grateful to have such an amazing Dr. in case I ever need his help in the future. Thank you Dr Stenger and your amazing staff! My life and health are so much better because of you!