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Beverly R. – Santee, CA

Beverly R. – Santee, CA

Stand aside conventional doctors!

Dr. Stengler actually listens to my healthcare concerns and answers my questions,…even in email.  He is excellent in participating in the process of improving my health, instead of dictating a “one size fits all” path.  A huge point is that Dr. Stengler’s evaluations are holistic,…asking questions about stress, current work/life issues, medications, etc. at every visit and reviewing the changes from the last visit. He is also open to learning about other treatments, supplements, etc. that I find personally beneficial.

My prescriptions are handled electronically with a compounding pharmacy, so I receive a call when they are ready.  There is no need to carry around paper prescriptions and wait in line.  Another significant point is that if there are other options other than his products, he is happy to recommend supplements at stores such as Sprouts and Whole Foods.
On a recent personal issue, I was having issues that were impacting my focus and energy level due to menopause.  I’m self employed so I have to function at a high level every day! With blood work evaluation, Dr. Stengler’s recommendations helped bring me back to my top shelf self,…just before a significant business deal!

This is not exorbitant but not inexpensive medical care,…it is an investment in your health.

And, for anyone who connects with him via email,…if you don’t receive a response within a reasonable time, just call to make sure that your email did not land in his spam or junk mail folder.  As dependable as it can be, email can also be fickle!

Dr. Stengler is very kind and attentive.  He will take heart in listening to your health concerns.  He will partner with you to improve your life!