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Nathanel M

Nathanel M

I came to Dr. Stengler because modern medicine severely damaged my health without regard. I was casually prescribed overly powerful antibiotics by a dentist, which destroyed the flora of my gut. Shortly thereafter, I developed a case of invasive candida and an array of food allergies with reactions similar to irritable bowel syndrome. I spoke with my primary healthcare provider about invasive candida. The response was that because it was statistically unlikely, it wasn’t even worth a simple stool test. My special circumstance was ignored because the odds were that I was either lying or paranoid. Additionally, I asked about treating my food allergies, which garnered the response that as long as I avoid the foods I’m allergic to, that’s all modern medicine would recommend I do. It wasn’t about maintaining quality of life, but rather cutting my losses and trying to just get by. Dr. Stengler cared more than to just get me out of the office before the next patient arrived. He listened to my symptoms, gave me his theories about what might be wrong with me, and performed tests. He’s just as much of a doctor as any other I’d visited, but is actually willing to search for the root cause of my health issues instead of treating the symptoms. First, any actions that he performed or medicines/supplements he prescribed were based on data from real medical tests he ran on me. Everything was based on real examination including blood, saliva, and stool tests. Secondly, after helping to improve my condition, he continually follows up with me to make sure that my quality of life is continually improving, including follow-up examinations to track progress. Since seeing Dr. Stengler, I have been rid of all candida and have begun restoring normality to the erratic blood sugar levels it had caused. Additionally, he has helped me to improve my adrenal levels to overall increase my energy. He has helped improve my sleeping habits with natural supplements (I previously would lie awake in bed 1 to 3 hours every night) and overall bettered my quality of life. Now that my health is stabilizing, we are working at combating my food allergies. Dr Stengler is the answer to people who are searching for their health needs to be met. No case is too odd, and he’ll see you through to better health. He genuinely cares about improving the lives of his patients.