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Hannah M

Hannah M

Becoming a patient of Dr. Stengler has changed my life. This is my story: at 14 years old, I began rapidly gaining weight, increasingly feeling sick, breaking out in major acne, noticing my bowel movements reduced down to once a week at most, and feeling odd, sharp pains in my stomach area. To a teenage girl, the worst part to me was that I gained almost 60 pounds in a matter of months. Additionally, I became sensitive to almost all processed foods and all forms of gluten and dairy. As a result of the drastic plummet of my energy and the increasing severity of my illness, my running career that I had been working on as long as I could remember suddenly ended. Naturally my family, friends and I were confused, scared, and in shock that something so severe could happen to my body so quickly and so out of the blue. Triggered by nothing that we knew of. (I still have no idea to this day what caused my sudden illness). Fast forward 5 years. I had been to over a dozen different doctors, specialist, chiropractors, weight loss clinics, etc. Every single one of them had given up on me and told me they could not help. You might wonder why I included the above part in my review. You might think it has nothing to do with Dr. Stengler. But I decided to include my background because it has everything to do with Dr. Stengler. He was the only person who believed my story and was able to offer me a solution! If you or someone you love has a story even remotely like mine, visiting Dr. Stengler will be the best decision you ever make!! When I finally found Dr. Stengler, he was the first doctor I have ever been to who did not give up on me. He did not tell me I was crazy or lying or “imagining” my health problems. He simply listened to me explain what was wrong and immediately started me on a combination of supplements and natural prescriptions. If I tell him something about my health that he has never seen in another patient before, he simply responds with the best way he knows how to fix it. If you are looking for someone who will simply listen to your health problems, believe what you say, and offer you a solution, look no further because Dr. Stengler is that doctor! THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART OF MY REVIEW!!!: Several years after my initial visit with Dr. Stengler, my brain fog and headaches have been eliminated entirely, my constipation has been eliminated for the first time in over a decade, my “stomach pains” (which turned out to be intestinal and liver pains) have been completely gone for over a year, I have more energy on a daily basis then I have had since I was 15, and I am able to exercise almost the same amount as I was before I got sick. My health is not quite back to where I was at the age of 14 before all of my sickness began, but at the age of 21, I am closer than I have ever been before. This is all because Dr. Stengler never gave up on me, and he has done nothing but help me through this journey. I will also be sure to update this review over time as I continue to get even healthier as a result of visiting Dr. Stengler.