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Lorena A – Panorama City, CA

Lorena A – Panorama City, CA

My daughter Andrea was 9 or 12 months old when I discovered she had eczema and many food allergies. As time was passing by her eczema was getting worse and we tried so many prescription lotions like hydrocortisone and over the counter medications too. Knowing the side effects like becoming sterile, but as desperate parents we needed to help her feel relief. We took her to many general doctors and to the specialist in San Fernando Valley and to the best specialist at UCLA. All we got was a prescription lotion (hydrocortisone).

As Andrea was getting older her eczema was getting worse and worse. One day my husband bought a book called Prescription for Natural Cures at Whole Foods Market and he discovered Dr. Mark Stengler in the city of San Diego.

Dr. Stengler started treating Andrea since May 4, 2010. She was 10 years old. When she came to Dr. Stengler for the first time her skin was in really bad condition with blisters all over her body and full of pus and infection. Andrea was always scratching 24 hours a day. She was always itching from her face to the tip of her toes and she would scratch until she would bleed. So I would make her wear socks on her hands at night time or sometimes she would ask me to tie her hands together to help her to sleep at night. It was a horrible experience.

Now Andrea is not embarrassed to show her skin anymore because it is clear and beautiful. Finally don’t have to deal with her eczema anymore, only her teenager attitude.