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Mary K.

Mary K.

VIDEO: Watch as Mary K. shares the benefits she has received from Dr. Stengler’s treatment of her anxiety and hormone issues.

Patient Testimonial:

“I was having panic attacks, anxiety, foggy head and horrible mood swings in addition to heart palpitations and extreme unsettled feelings throughout the day, every day. I told my family I thought I was having a mental breakdown-or losing my mind, and I asked for help. Other Doctors wanted to put me on depression am dedication and what is now what I wanted. My Dad went with me to Dr. Stengler and he has literally been a God send. He balanced my hormones, helped me understand why diet and exercise are so important, and how I can control how I feel by understanding why certain foods aren’t the best choice for metabolism in my unique body chemistry. My overall well-being has improved tremendously and I feel better than I have felt in many years. Dr. Stengler is the reason together with Sandi Star(Stengler Center) who have both taught me how to eat for optimum health. The staff at the Stengler Center is caring and if I have questions or need anything they call, email, and help me with whatever I need the same day I reach out. I thank God for Dr. Stengler, Sandi Star, and the entire Stengler Center staff for my overall well-being!”