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Sandra M. – Bedford, TX

Sandra M. – Bedford, TX

For more information about treating high cholesterol, read Dr. Stengler’s article: Beware! Your Cholesterol Numbers Might Not Mean What You Think! “Based on the latest research, it is the size of the cholesterol particles, not simply how much cholesterol we have, that is key to cardiovascular health. Here’s what you need to know about cholesterol particle size…“

I have had elevated cholesterol for over 10 years. Although my diet was healthy, my doctor recommended more exercise on a regular basis to help lower my cholesterol. This resulted in a minimal change so the doctor then decided that Lipitor (a statin drug) was necessary to reduce my cholesterol.

Over a period of 8 years, I have been on four different statins. In each case, having severe leg pain compromised my mobility. A few months ago, I decided to quit taking the statins and search for a natural method of lowering my cholesterol. After reading an article by Dr. Stengler, I consulted with him about my problem. I took his advice and added red yeast rice, CoQ10, and a thyroid supplement to my daily regimen. In three months, my cholesterol dropped from 269 to 202 and my LDL dropped from 164 to 102. I feel great and have side effects from this supplement program. I am so fortunate to have found Dr. Stengler. My life is dramatically improving because of his help.