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Growth Factors Relieve Pain and Heal Tissue

Growth Factors Relieve Pain and Heal Tissue

There is exciting progress in a field of medicine known as Regenerative Medicine. At the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine, Dr. Mark LaBeau has several decades of experience in the injection of non-steroidal substances to enhance healing. This includes the use of a new breakthrough approach for tissue healing and regeneration.

You probably have heard about stem cell injections for muscle and joint pain and degeneration. This type of therapy can be effective but is quite expensive. Stem Cells derived from either one’s bone or fatty tissue can directly repair damaged tissue. However, healing can be limited do the current level of one’s own health. Newborn Growth Factors on the other hand have the potential of providing a robust level of healing being obtained from healthy women undergoing a scheduled C-Section.

Dr. Mark Labeau DO

Dr. LaBeau and other holistic doctors have been having great success with Newborn Growth Factors. The Newborn Growth Factors he administers to patients has been found to be 90% effective in reducing and often eliminating pain and inflammation.

Studies have shown that Newborn Growth Factors stimulate your own stem cells to contribute to the healing process. Therefore, these Growth Factors have the “Punch” of newborns vigor regulating your own stem cells to regenerate damaged tissue!

This type of treatment provides all the benefits of a newborn without the ethical controversy.

Dr. LaBeau will typically initially recommend a trial of 1-2 injections done 3 months apart. Typically, one or more points, tailored to the individual, are injected in an area such as a joint or area of the back for optimal results. Up to 2 areas of the body can be done at a time, but a longer office visit is required when injecting two areas.

Significant pain reduction is common within the 1st week after injection. However, healing continues for the next 8 to 12 weeks.

If you are interested in this type of natural therapy call the clinic to schedule an appointment with Dr. LaBeau. Call 760-274-2377.