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Probiotic Performance Plus


End the probiotic guessing game—once and for all! Thanks to Dr. Mark Stengler, you can try his most advanced probiotic supplement available. Probiotic Performance Plus is designed to…

  • Keep your digestive system healthy…
  • Ease occasional constipation, gas, bloating, and indigestion…
  • Tame the discomfort and embarrassment of an unruly gut…

30 Caplsules

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Probiotic Performance Plus

You want to get rid of occasional gas…constipation…bloating…discomfort. After all, no one wants to explain what’s taking so long, or why you’re late again. The time for excuses and explanations is over. It’s time for a healthy digestion supplement that works. It’s time for Probiotic Performance Plus.

It works like this…

Probiotics are measured in CFUs, or “colony forming units.” This measurement tells you how busy and active the probiotics are, so really healthy digestion supplements will have a very high CFU rating up in the billions. Unlike other digestion supplements that may have 1 or 2 billion CFUs, Probiotic Performance Plus contains a full 20 billion – that’s twenty billion – CFUs to help you get rid of gas and other embarrassments.

And they aren’t just any probiotics. The probiotics in Probiotic Performance Plus are ones backed by research to help:

• Support gut health

• Get rid of gas

• Increase the frequency of bowel movements

• Improve softness of stools

• Reduce bowel and digestive discomfort

When you were younger, you didn’t have to worry about probiotics or CFUs. You didn’t need a digestion supplement because your gut was healthy and balanced with the good bacteria you need to stay healthy. But over the years, life – diet, exposure to pollutants, antibiotics, even stress – have killed off the good bacteria, sapping your energy and stealing your health.

Probiotic Performance Plus helps restore that healthy balance to get rid of gas and ease constipation. So you feel more like you did in your younger years.

Less gas, less bloating, less time straining in the bathroom, less embarrassment. Probiotic Performance Plus means fewer excuses, and more enjoying life.


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