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Vessel Plus


Vessel Plus is formulated with a blend of nutrients that support the integrity of health veins and promote efficient vessel function.

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Vessel Plus

Support for the Four Structural Layers of the Vein:

Butcher’s Broom Extract
Supports the elastin layer of the vein and promotes normal tone and flexibility. Butcher’s broom extracts have also been shown to modulate elastase, an enzyme involved in the tone of veins.

Horsechestnut Extract
Extracts of horsechestnut seeds have been used for years for their “venotonic” effect and promote vessel strength.

Gotu Kola Leaves
Like horsechestnut, gotu kola extracts supports many factors associated with venous health. Studies credit gotu kola for maintaining vessel tone and microcirculation.

Troxerutin is derived from the Japanese pagoda tree. It is widely used in Europe to support general venous function.

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in