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Cervical Dysplasia Tag

Sandra M. – Hemet, CA

I came to Dr. Stengler in the spring of 2009 because I had been diagnosed with CIN III precancerous cells in my cervix. The diagnosis also revealed that I had HPV. I was told that the HPV I had was the cause of the precancerous...

Mary R. – Escondido, CA

"I am so delighted and thankful for Dr. Stengler’s medical and spiritual direction in healing my cervical dysplasia. For the last six years, I have had many general MD’s and specialists recommend treatment programs that failed. Dr. Stengler helped me detoxify from heavy metals and...

Becki S. – San Diego, CA

"In October of 2013 I was diagnosed with CIN3, also called cervical dysplasia and Carcinoma In Silu, which is caused by an HPV infection in the cervix. I had been to two doctors and an oncologist who all insisted that I should have surgery immediately to remove...