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Dara G.

Before coming to see Dr. Stengler I was extremely tired all the time and very irritable. I would get a migraine each month. A blood test revealed I was deficient in several areas, even though I eat healthy and take supplements. Dr. Stengler started me...

Alissa M. – San Diego, CA

Thanks to Dr. Stengler’s incredible job with my son’s health issues, I knew where to turn when I decided to get treatment for my ongoing headaches. I have battled with headaches repeatedly since I was 10 years old. I finally sought help in the summer...

Elvia T. – La Jolla, CA

I had severe fatigue, headaches, insomnia, aches and pains for 4 years until I met Dr. Stengler. His nutritional and hormone balancing program have revived me. I have good energy, stamina, better outlook on life, and even better relationships as a result of his care....

Joanne G. – San Diego, CA

I’ve been a chronic pain patient since 1995 and became permanently disabled due to further chronic pain caused by cervical and thoracic laminectomies in 1999. The chronic pain, with accompanying migraines, was 24/7 and muscular-skeletal. Synthetic opiates and chiropractic care became my only treatment after...