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Ozone Therapy: What It Is And Why It Works

by Dr. Mark Stengler, May 25, 2016

Testing the amount of oxygen you take in and the carbon dioxide you breathe out can tell us how efficiently you use oxygen. When you use oxygen really efficiently, you breathe out less CO2.
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Oxidation and Energy: What Do They Have In Common?

by Dr. Mark Stengler, May 23, 2016

Watch Dr. Mark Stengler interview natural health expert, Dr. Frank Shallenberger, about oxidation and energy production.
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Service Highlight: IV Nutrient Therapy

by Dr. Mark Stengler, May 16, 2016

Did you know the Stengler Center offers IV therapy in San Diego?
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NOW AVAILABLE: Prescription for Natural Cures, Third Edition

The new version contains information from previous editions that still applies, as well as new information on ailments such as gluten sensitivity and MRSA. Prescription for Natural Cures is an indispensable resource of helpful information for better, natural health for you and your family.

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