Weight Loss

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person.

I was having menstrual difficulties and thanks to Dr. Stengler, I didn’t have to undergo what seemed to be a horrible procedure—hydrothermal abalation—the burning of the uterine lining with hot water. I started having heavy periods with clots about four… [Read More]

Elizabeth W

Dr. Stengler’s care has changed my life incredibly!  I was having severe health effects and pain, after a hysterectomy, that my doctors couldn’t help.  I looked into finding a doctor who knew bio-identical hormones.  I found Dr. Stengler and he… [Read More]

Marilee F.

I came to Dr. Stengler in the spring of 2009 because I had been diagnosed with CIN III precancerous cells in my cervix. The diagnosis also revealed that I had HPV. I was told that the HPV I had was… [Read More]

Sandra M.

What We Offer

Dr. Stengler is committed to helping our nation’s crisis of obesity. Patients of all ages come for his expertise in weight loss and management. He pinpoints the cause(s) of weight gain and through exercise, targeted nutrition, and balancing hormones his patients are usually able to lose significant weight and keep it off.

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