Weight Loss

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person.

Dr. Mark is the best resource in San Diego for getting your hormones balanced. Using the most progressive and reliable methods, he will work with you to find out what your hormone balance (or imbalance) is and balance it…naturally!

Danna D

I met Dr Stengler as a referral from a friend that cuts my hair. My view of holistic doctors changed after meeting with him. I did not really take natural medicine serious, but wife has been getting some results with… [Read More]

Robert C.

I’ve struggle with fatigue and hormone issues for a few years and my girlfriend referred me to Dr. Stengler. I can never repay her enough. Dr Stengler has cured my fatigue using IV’s of miracle pick me ups that i… [Read More]

Mama T

What We Offer

Dr. Stengler is committed to helping our nation’s crisis of obesity. Patients of all ages come for his expertise in weight loss and management. He pinpoints the cause(s) of weight gain and through exercise, targeted nutrition, and balancing hormones his patients are usually able to lose significant weight and keep it off.

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