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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I schedule a visit?

Scheduling an appointment is easy! This can be an in-office visit or telephone consultation if you live outside of the San Diego area. Please call our office at (760) 274-2377 or tollfree at (855) DOC.MARK to schedule your appointment.

Follow-up Visits

Dr. Stengler, Dr. LaBeau, and Dr. Williamson will provide recommendations as to how often you should follow up to review your progress and changes in recommendations. The average follow-up consultation is thirty minutes.

Q. Can I complete new patient forms ahead of my appointment?

Yes and we request that you do to insure you make the most of your time with our doctors. Filling out these important forms in advance will save you valuable time when you visit our office or have your phone consultation with Dr. Stengler, Dr. LaBeau, or Dr. Williamson. The form is completed online on our secure server. Click here to access our Patient Portal.

Q. What are your fees, and are they covered by medical insurance?

Phone consultations are available and the fee is based on the amount of time. Our office does not accept insurance. Payment is expected at time of service with cash or credit card. We do not accept checks. Check with your healthcare insurer to see if your office visit or lab tests can be reimbursed.

Q. What can I expect during my first consultation?

A new patient visit with Dr. Stengler is 45 minutes and with Dr. LaBeau or Dr. Williamson 45 to 60 minutes. This provides enough time to review your health concerns, answer any questions you may have, and begin a holistic approach to your health. Follow up visits are generally less time. The doctors will review many important areas of your health such as:

  • Client ConsultationYour health goals
  • Symptoms you are experiencing
  • Medications you are currently taking
  • Supplements you are currently taking
  • Diet and Nutritional Status
  • Exercise
  • Stress Level
  • Review of current/past lab tests
  • Review of body systems such as digestion, hormone balance, etc.

At the end of your consultation, you can expect specific recommendations on:

  • Diet
  • Supplements (vitamins, herbs, homeopathy or natural hormones)
  • Exercise
  • Stress Reduction Techniques
  • Lab tests that could be helpful
Q. Do Dr. Stengler, Dr. LaBeau, and Dr. Williamson ever work with conventional medical doctors?

Yes. The doctors frequently work with conventional medical doctors and other natural healthcare providers.

Q. What kinds of lab tests do you offer?

A variety of lab tests are offered at Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine. We use the most respected, innovative laboratories in the world. Standard blood and urine testing, cutting edge saliva hormone testing, comprehensive stool analysis, heavy metal testing, vitamin and mineral blood analysis, food and environmental sensitivity testing, and many other useful tests are available.