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Our Philosophy

The Practice Philosophy at Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine can be summarized by the acronym “CARING


Dr. Stengler and his staff care about people that goes beyond their health.


Dr. Stengler is aware and experienced in traditional as well as cutting-edge healing therapies to help patients meet their health goals. He has been trained in both conventional medicine and natural medicine. Dr. Stengler constantly researches the latest breakthroughs in natural healing to provide the best possible natural healthcare.


Dr. Stengler teaches patients responsibility for their health. This is done by educating patients on how their body is signaling health or illness. Also, educating patients on diet, lifestyle, and proper use of natural and conventional medicines allows people to be empowered over their own health.


Every person is unique in the way their body functions to their circumstances. By listening carefully to his patients and utilizing modern diagnostic testing techniques, Dr. Stengler is able to pinpoint and treat the root cause(s) of a person’s health problems. Optimal healthcare involves addressing the body, mind, and spirit.


Natural therapies generally provide the safest and most cost effective way to prevent and treat disease. Natural medicine should be the foundation for preventing illness and optimizing health.

Great Results

Dr. Stengler achieves great results through his commitment to compassion, awareness, teaching patient responsibility, addressing individuality, and focusing whenever possible on natural therapies. For 26 years, Dr. Stengler has been providing excellence in natural healthcare to patients and readers.